Friday 6 March 2009

We Feel Fine

I really, really like We Feel Fine. I wish I had the creativity and originality to come up with something like that.

I love the gallery and the way snippets of blogs have been used with images. I think it produces beautiful pieces which are pretty powerful or, in some cases, heartbreaking.

"At its core, We Feel Fine is an artwork authored by everyone. It will grow and change as we grow and change, reflecting what's on our blogs, what's in our hearts, what's in our minds. We hope it makes the world seem a little smaller, and we hope it helps people see beauty in the everyday ups and downs of life."

Thursday 5 March 2009


Buying pens/paper/folders in Tesco in a desperate bid to kick-start some proactivity:

Checkout Man: "Is this so you can do your homework?"
Me: "Hmm yes something like that"
Checkout Man: "What year are you in at school? You revising for exams coming up soon?"
Me: "It's for uni"
Checkout Man: "Oh! I see, planning ahead for September are we?!"
Me: "Um, no, I'm in 3rd year"
Checkout Man: "Oh..."


Tuesday 3 March 2009


Am I the only person who writes stuff and then reads it and cringes? Sometimes I write an entire entry, preview it, then with a shudder and a click I've deleted it. I suppose what this really means is that I actually don't have anything I want to say to the outside world. That or I can't write.


So today at uni I got told that my project is vague, has no direction and is pretty much all nonsense.

Which is funny, because... that pretty much sums up my life right now.