Friday 3 January 2014

Leaving 2013

I am typically not a sentimental person, but I cannot deny the array of emotions that accompany the closure of one year and the beginning of a new one. If you are lucky enough to know me in “real life”, you will know that I am a massive goal setter. I set daily, weekly and monthly goals - so it probably won’t come as a surprise that I also make resolutions every year. I usually uphold most of them.
Last year was a mixed year. It was frustrating in that Pillow Talk still didn’t complete its voyage to the shelves but rich in other ways. I won awards, travelled to new countries, attended outrageous parties and met people who opened my eyes and changed my life. I loved, lost, found, questioned, challenged and gambled. I watched two of my best friends get married, rekindled old friendships and made new. I joined a new gym which brought me far more than I ever thought it would; new perspectives, amazing friends and higher aspirations. 
Two thousand and thirteen gave me more challenges than I ever saw coming and pushed my mental, professional and emotional capacity to its limits. Like any good year, it gave me moments of giddy elation, heart-breaking lows and everything in between. It is the year I finally realised I don’t know everything and that everything is not always going to be okay. 
I started the year resolving to be a happier person, to try and achieve a better work/life balance, and to just... be better. These resolutions were all successful because of the people I met. To everyone who helped shape me in 2013, I thank you.
In 2014, I am making a promise to myself to do the following:
- Experience somewhere new
- Do something I couldn’t do before
- Meet someone who alters my perspective on the world altogether
- Ask ‘why?’ more
- Ask ‘why?’ less
- Love something
- Let go of something
- Fight for something
- Ask difficult questions
- Remember to look back down the mountain at how far I've come

Finally, I am going to hold onto the people who have changed me thus far and let them continue to support me as they have during 2013. I want to return the favour. I promise I will support someone the way I have been supported by so many people who entered my life last year. 
These are my personal promises, feel free to adopt some or all of them - and share with me every time you fulfill one. I want to know if I impact anybody’s life, even in a microscopic way. 

My favourite moment of 2013 was one day in March; I was in Washington DC and I woke up early with jet lag. In a moment of restlessness, I pulled on my gym gear and headed out for a run. A few miles in, having barely seen another soul, I ran up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I turned around just as the sun was rising and I can honestly say nothing has ever taken my breath away quite like it. It was one of those truly sobering moments that make you grateful to be alive and I will remember it forever.

So long, 2013, you were hard work. Thank you for all the lessons. 2014, I am ready for you.