Sunday, 27 December 2009

2009 Summary

I haven't written in my blog very much this year, so here is a summary of my 2009.
Blogger has cropped all of my images strangely because I used the URLs rather than the upload option, but oddly I rather like it, so I'm not going to fix them :)

Saw in the New Year with a small collection of friends in Keiran's flat.
Fell out with Trish and moved my horse to Dundee.
Went to New York.
Bought Ugg boots and have shamelessly never looked back.

Spent a while up in Aviemore snowboarding with some guys from work.
Partied a lot.
Broke up with Iain.

Was in uni til 9pm every night trying to complete a project for an exhibition.
Calum had quite a good birthday party.
IMD partied like pirates.
Pretty much never saw anyone except my horse, haha.
We partied in our pants to raise money for the degree show.

Went on my Senior Instructor course in Portsmouth and had the BEST week of sailing.
Finished my project for the exhibition, just.
Got offered an internship at Orange.
Finished uni for the year.
Went back to work.

The weather was really, really sunny at work.
Went to see Counting Crows.
Met John :)
"Found myself" whilst lying in the sand at an all-night beach party, drinking vodka from a bucket.
Judging from all the photos from around this time, I was also immensely fat haha.
Got bitten by a monkey and had to endure weeeeeeks and weeeeeeks of Rabies vaccinations.

Came home from Thailand :(
Went to my little sister's school prom
Spent the rest of the month working

Started going out with John :)
Had a spontaneous holiday to France.
Worked a lot more.
Was declared officially Rabies free.

(Am I actually a different race?)

Became a windsurf instructor :)
Got driven out of my job I loved passionately.
I'll never be able to work there again, and that makes me sad :(

Don't seem to have a lot of photos from August for some reason?

My uni lecturer was off on paternity leave so we didn't have much uni.
Spent most of this month in Newcastle.
Got spoiled rotten, went out for a lot of meals, drank a lot of wine.
Had Christmas Dinner with John, Simon and Jenny.

Totally love this person.

Also didn't take very many photos this month apparently!

Turned 22.
Celebrated my birthday in Newcastle.
John spoiled me rotten with a Tiffany necklace plus cake and champagne at midnight.
Drank A LOT of champagne over a few days.
Finally started back at uni.
Went to Belfast and stayed on an oil tanker!
Dressed as a crayon for Halloween.

Was snowed under with uni work.
John turned 24 which made me feel not so old.
He also rolled over and headbutted me whilst sleeping which gave me a black eye haha.
Bought a MacBook Pro. Sellout.

Can't find very many photos from November, so here is my first ever Photobooth photo instead:

Started my work experience at Orange Bus.
Met some pretty amazing people.
Won The Drum's cover competition and was published.
Lived in Newcastle for a month and liked it a lot.
Had an amazing night out in Edinburgh with some old friends.
Forgot to upload all my recent photos before making an end-of-year summary post.

2009 started badly and slid downhill for a while, peaked in May/June, crashed in August and has been slowly climbing uphill again ever since.

I hope 2010 brings me graduation, lots of travelling and lots of surprises.


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Anonymous said...

wow you are gorgeous btw! i love seeing other scottish girls blogs too.. (skadeglatt from lj)

Joanna Montgomery said...

thankyou very much :)

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